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Mormon's Secret in the Washington Post

As part of a new LDS campaign to re-write the meaning of the temple garment, this week they released a video that shows the temple clothing and the temple garment, which most people know as “secret” or “magic” Mormon underwear. And today the video was shared in an article in The Washington Post that didn’t challenge any of the church’s assertions. The LDS church is trying to dispel the notion...

Halloween 2012 - The scariest Halloween I can remember!

This Halloween, many of us are scared at the prospect of a president who lacks a soul and believes in the establishment of a theocratic government. So, why not dress up in a costume scarier than a clown with surgical tools?

Funny or Die in Magic Mormon Undies!

That's right, the talented and hilarious folks at Funny or Die bought and used Magical Mormon Underwear for their Mitt Romney sketch. Well done, Funny or Die! Well done! Romney Does Improv from Mather Zickel

Mittens loves the 47%...really!

...wait, who's asking? 

Today's Emails - Mormon Porn?!?

So, over the last two weeks I've gotten a LOT of email. First LA Times did an article about us, and then there was a bunch of groups that reposted the LA Times article like UPI and Personal Liberty Digest. Huffington Post even did a rebranded reblog of the LA times article.  Then this morning, The Daily Beast ran a great article that was different in many ways...and the mail really started coming in! What is the number one thing people...

Ann Looks Fabulous in Magic Underwear!

Back by popular demand... For those of you who keep asking us to repost this little gem.  

Musings Published in LA Times...

This afternoon LA Times ran a story about Magic Mormon Underwear. Mormon's Secret is featured prominently in the article. Check it out!

Magic Mormon Marks of Masonry

Declared by the Mormons as sacred, magical, and holy, Mormon underwear are only endowed with magical properties once four Masonic symbols are stitched into the fabric. Just a few short weeks after joining the Masons, Joseph Smith introduced the magic underwear with two marks over each nipple. These are the classic "compass" and "square" markings from Free Masonry. Hoping to impress young female followers (many of whom he would secretly marry), he...

Team Mahonri Moriancumer

Who are you? The ancestors of Team Mahonri Moriancumer designed and fabricated the very first Mormon temple garments in 1842. We are each related to one or more of the original members of the Quorum of the Twelve Seamsters, a secretive but important group in early Mormon history. Our genealogy clearly shows that by May of 2012, our families will have been directing the creation and production of magical Mormon underwear...

Grand Opening of Mormon's Secret

Grand Opening Sale STARTS THIS WEEKEND!  Mormon's Secret is proud to announce the Grand Opening of our online store. We’re celebrating by having a store wide sale to get things started!  50% OFF your entire purchase, storewide We couldn't be more excited. It's sort of our way of saying, "Congrats Mitt, on clinching the nomination! Keep things...magical!"

Fan Mail

Yesterday the online store went live. Happy day! Almost immediately the fan mail started coming in. Here's the last one we received before heading off to bed: Dear Mormon's Secret, ...I just appreciate what you guys are doing so much! I believe in what you're doing. ...Just know that even if you get a lot of hate mail there are people out there who support and appreciate you. I sure hope...

Magical Mormon Underwear...Finally!

Our blog is up and working! Woot! Sheesh, where to begin? This is where you can find out about new product launches, experiences, tips or other news, magical or otherwise, that you might want to read about. It's so exciting to finally have the store online. We finished running our internal checks and we are ready to offer you the celestial service you deserve! As for the women's underwear, now is...
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