October 22 2014 Wednesday at 03:11 PM

Mormon's Secret in the Washington Post

As part of a new LDS campaign to re-write the meaning of the temple garment, this week they released a video that shows the temple clothing and the temple garment, which most people know as “secret” or “magic” Mormon underwear. And today the video was shared in an article in The Washington Post that didn’t challenge any of the church’s assertions. The LDS church is trying to dispel the notion that the underwear is either secret or magic, though of course they have long preached the opposite behind closed to doors to members of the faith. And the church is warning that other people shouldn’t call the garments secret or magical, because such language is offensive to Mormons. 

Luckily, we live in a country where freedom of speech is a basic right, including speech that is offensive to Mormons. And it’s not only fair to call attention to the inaccuracy of the Mormon church’s current claims about their secret temple rituals — it’s essential. The Mormon church has a long history of lying to its own members and to the press about the specifics of its history and of its current practices and beliefs. They’re such accomplished liars, in fact, that even most of their own members don’t know the facts on important historical and doctrinal matters. And the press often eats up whatever spin is put out by the church’s PR department. I assume that these journalists give the church a free pass out of deference for others’ religious beliefs. But there is no reason to defer to superstitious nonsense and outright lies! 

Today’s article in The Washington Post unfortunately swallows the church’s misrepresentations hook, line and sinker. “For years, the Mormon Church’s undergarments have been mocked and misunderstood,” it begins. “Misunderstood”? Mormons have always sworn never to show or discuss their underwear to those outside the faith. That’s secret! They’ve also been promised that the underwear would be a “shield and protection” to them, which a large percentage of Mormons over the years have interpreted to mean that the underwear would protect them from physical harm. This includes former LDS Prophet Spencer W Kimball, who wrote:

“Though generally I think our protection is a mental, spiritual, moral one, yet I am convinced that there could be, and undoubtedly have been, many cases where there has been, through faith, an actual physical protection. So we must not minimize that possibility.” 

Do your research! You can be polite and disagree with the Mormon church’s misrepresentation of its history and its beliefs.

The article mentions Mormon’s Secret by name, going out of its way to malign us for “exploiting” the magic Mormon underwear. But the author never contacted us for comment! Why on earth would a journalist smear us without asking what we think of the magic Mormon underwear? Why give the Mormon church a free pass, while giving your friendly neighbor atheist a hard time and not asking them for a comment?

We at Mormon’s Secret are proud to spill the beans on secret Mormon temple doings, and to offer authentic magic Mormon underwear to anyone who wants to feel the magic for themselves! And we are under no obligation to be polite. “Ridiculing or making light of sacred clothing is highly offensive to Latter-day Saints,” says the church. Sorry, not sorry!

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1. This citation is referenced in Mormonism 101 as "Kimball, Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, 539." This is actually a composite work edited by Edward L. Kimball after President Kimball's death. The original text came from a personal letter dated May 31, 1948.

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