June 10 2012 Sunday at 11:28 AM

Fan Mail

Yesterday the online store went live. Happy day! Almost immediately the fan mail started coming in. Here's the last one we received before heading off to bed:

Dear Mormon's Secret,
...I just appreciate what you guys are doing so much! I believe in what you're doing.
...Just know that even if you get a lot of hate mail there are people out there who support and appreciate you.
I sure hope to see your website up and running for time and all eternity.
Much love,
P.S. Great website name, by the way! I love the double meaning of a play off Victoria's Secret and the fact that temple garments really are a secret! Oh sorry, sacred. Not secret. And it is so neat that you are the descendants of the first garment seamsters!

Next up for us here at Mormon's Secret is preparation for our Grand Opening event next weekend. Complete with prizes and things to magical Mormon "Easter Eggs" to share around the web.